Castorina 1895 is a Florentine artisan workshop founded in 1895, where the passion for wood has been handed down to four generations of carvers.

In a time where furniture and accessories are produced in millions copies on a global scale, we still make everything by hand, taking the time and care necessary for each object and each piece of furniture.

Our dedication, the love we put into our work, and the respect for the ancient cabinet-making techniques handed down from generation to generation are what distinguish us and make every object, piece of furniture, and piece we produce, unique and precious.

The attention to detail and decoration in our wooden creations has long been recognized worldwide and has made Castorina 1895 an Italian artisan excellence.

Castorina’s excellence was also recognized by the Dolce & Gabbana stylists, who chose the creations of Castorina 1895 for their “The Renaissance and the Rebirth” fashion shows at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

The excellence of Castorina 1895 was definitively sanctioned by the inclusion of Marco Castorina in the “Golden Book of Italian Artisan Excellence” as a Master of Arts and Crafts.


Castorina 1895 is a world of wood wonders. A paradise for architects, interior designers, wood lovers, and anyone who wants to make their home more beautiful.

For over 125 years we have been making furnishing accessories, objects, and friezes inspired by fine carpentry and cabinet making from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, hand-carved and embellished with finishes that follow the Florentine tradition. Drawing, carving, gilding, lacquering, and varnishing are done exclusively by hand, enhancing the sense of softness and the intrinsic warmth of wood in the creations.

Castorina is also a historical workshop of natural wood, a reference point for carpenters, restorers, and hobbyists for the wide choice of raw materials, precious woods, and semi-finished wooden accessories, with a catalog of over 5,000 natural wood items. Only a limited selection of our catalog is available on the site while the complete samples are available at our headquarters in Via Santo Spirito 15/r in Florence.

Castorina also manufactures custom-made objects and furniture for individuals, studios, shops and accommodation facilities – hotels, B&B and residences – and carries out restoration and restyling interventions.

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